Evectors Pages

From its deep architecture to its simple user interface, Pages collapses the complexity of creating a page or site built on multiple, constantly changing rich media streams.

To grab how Pages can benefit your site, check out our introduction to Pages white paper.

For publishers,  Pages gives quick and easy  content management as well as easy-to-build sites that launch smoothly.

For agencies, Pages presents a powerful, malleable solution that streamlines monitoring, harnessing, and repurposing online content.

For companies, Pages is the ideal environment to implement Enterprise Curation Portals.

Traditional CMS systems generally require substantial setup and need heavy technical support to maintain. Data streams are hardwired to specific areas of the site, making overall site development slow, as well building in limitations on an editorial team’s ability to change their site quickly when the need arises.

Pages breaks this mold, with a solution built from the bottom up to provide maximum flexibility and ease of use.

Taking full advantage of the powerful aggregation technology at its core, Pages pulls all content into one large flow and allows users to filter and sort that data easily through a simple interface. Pages shows each user precisely the view of the data that maps to his or her expertise, level of technical know-how, and role within a site.

For programmers and technical experts, Pages reveals everything down to the code; for those whose roles lie solely in content creation and editorial management, Pages provides a simple, clean, easy-to-navigate interface that decouples presentation and content decisions from the complexities of coding.



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