Zzub.it is an Italian social network of consumers who voluntarily participate to word of mouth marketing campaigns. The project has been developed by Eikon Europe in order to offer organisations the resources, strategies and innovative tools to generate spontaneous conversations and word-of-mouth marketing for products/services and ensure their commercial success.


For each new campaign, ZZUB selects a specific target from its network of volunteer consumers. The aim of the selection is to engage consumers who are already interested, knowledgeable, or enthusiastic about a brand. The selection process ensures that the word of mouth will be spontaneous, frank and direct and, thus, effective.

The consumers/agents that join a campaign test products and services before they are launched and initiate on-line and off-line word of mouth within their personal social network.

The off-line and on-line word-of-mouth marketing takes place at the same time.

After each word-of-mouth event, the agents send ZZUB a report that summarizes how, where and when it took place and which target it reached. The agents’ reports provide valuable and exclusive feedback on the perception of the product/service, but also on the dynamics of how word of mouth circulates.