Kunaao is an ecosystem where e-learning projects are created, marketed, purchased and consumed, an environment which optimizes the transition from knowledge to training, from training to business.

Anybody can become a Kunaao author for free, creating an account on the Kunaao Publishing Area, and easily assembling training material both uploading documents and presentations to the Kunaao servers and integrating content from leading web platforms such as Slideshare, Google Docs and YouTube. Courses can be completed with tests and pushed to one of Kunaao’s marketplaces.

The first marketplace, food.kunaao.com is dedicated to the agro-industrial sector in Italy, an area where our country is a worldwide leader. New marketplaces will follow expanding to different sectors and different geographical markets.

Kunaao has been designed with two types of clients in mind: private users who can easily register, purchase some credis (Kunaki) and immediately start using training materials, and companies, who can create training rooms, manage users account, and mix original training materials with products found in the general catalog.

When Mirmex, the company who is funding this project, approached us with the idea of a “social e-learning platform”, we looked at existing technologies and decided that we needed to introduce a paradigm shift, getting away from complex and expensive systems built for e-learning publishers, and embrace the ease of use and availability of tools already available on the Web, often freely.

Huge efforts have been put in finding ideal legal and accounting solutions which would guarantee the rights of both authors and clients, everything with one goal: allowing professionals who have gathered years of knowledge and experience to easily monetize it, becoming publishers in a flexible and scalable environment.

Kunaao is completely based on Evectors’ technology, the brilliant graphic and UI design has been developed by award winning, Gorizia-based Multiways.