Global Trends KnowledgeBase

Global Trends helps organizations and their leaders to navigate a complex, interconnected and uncertain world and stay ahead. The new Global Trends Knowledge Base is powered by Pages’ semantic analysis and curation features to provide a very intuitive site designed to offer both breaking news and in depth information on subjects related to Global Trends.

The data aggregator collects and analyses content from hundreds of selected sources such as media sites, scientific magazines, blogs, and international organisations. This information appears in the News section of the KnowledgeBase and is updated on a real time basis.

Additionally, Global Trends’ researchers curate a wealth of information that are used in developing the Global Trends reports, briefings and other materials. This information can be found in the right hand column in all KnowledgeBase channels and under Selected Sources and is available to Premium Members.

Information is logically organised it into topical trend channels so that you can quickly review information on the topic of your choice.

To automatically maintain more than 30 vertical news channels, the site is using both semantic analysis based on the Open Calais platform and keyword-pattern matching algorithms.