Fondazione Umberto Veronesi

Since 2003 the first and foremost aim of the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi is to promote scientific progress, an irreplaceable resource of every man’s social, ethical and civil life. The Foundation is supported by several among the most authoritative researchers and scientists of the world (among these, 6 Nobel laureates constitute the Honorary Committee of the Foundation). The Foundation focuses its commitment in three operational areas, which include numerous projects: Research, Scientific Popularization and Training.

Fondazione Veronesi is using Evectors Pages to manage its site’s several editorial workflows, to organize the community of registered users and donors, and to collect donations using multiple payment gateways.


Some of the key features of the site:

  • integrated multiple-stage publishing workflow
  • user management (registration via Facebook and local accounts)
  • hospitals database, medical check-ups database, drugs reference dictionary
  • support for donations via Paypal and banking network
  • press area with media repository