For organizations whose business hinges on providing comprehensive information – whether traditional or new media, large corporations or even small- to mid-sized operations – the ability to manage and clearly share the deluge of information on the web effectively is becoming more and more critical.
This is where Evectors comes in.

Founded in Gorizia, Italy, and now with offices in San Francisco and London, Evectors has created a solution for the burgeoning world of online content. Evectors Pages is a simple yet powerful platform that manages myriad streams of information and integrates these diverse content sources with existing content management systems.
Evectors Pages enables your organization to build and manage sites incorporating an array of content – from user-generated to professionally produced – then display and distribute that information in a highly flexible manner. This three-part suite incorporates a robust aggregation engine at its core, digesting any form of RSS/Atom feed; a simple, WYSIWG rendering application for easy front-end administration; and WidgetFactory, which allows easy sharing of any module from a Pages site.
Based on a SaaS model, Evectors currently sells Pages directly to media and content-focused organizations. The company also is developing partnerships with key agencies and service organisations that will leverage Pages as part of an overall offering to its customers.